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Affirm Your Magnificent Worth


The 5 Day 'Affirm your Magnificent Worth Challenge' is about getting you to recognize that you are worthy and deserving of living a magnificent and abundant life!

Buy using powerful words to change your situation and how you feel about yourself you will be able to accept yourself without judgement. If you are repeating the same negative remarks and story about yourself daily…that’s going to tear you down cell by cell, sap you of your energy and deplete your self esteem.

In the 5 day challenge you will be affirming what you do want…not what you don’t want. You will get in the habit of speaking words each and every day that are going to make you thrive, optimistic and pro-active in creating a new story for your life. A story that says you deserve more and your are worthy of more.

The words you speak….determine your outcomes. By being a part of this challenge…and affirming your worth every day…you will be amazed at how much your life will change!

You will feel more confident in your decisions and the actions you take to create a more fulfilling life for yourself.




Over 5 days you will…


How it works…

Over the 5 days a daily email will be sent to your inbox…each with a challenge and an affirming (action) step, plus gorgeous pdf pages to keep you on track.


You will also be added to a PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP. In this group I will answer...questions, queries and give added support. Because this challenge is about me supporting YOU.


Also…I am offering for one lucky participant a chance to win Your Gorgeous Guide to Being Magnificent’ a  multiple page personal guide for you to align to the magnificent part of yourself…giving you clarity on the positive aspects of your personality. You will be sent a series of questions and after answering them…I will compile a complete personal guide for you with a summary on personal key messages, tips, affirmations and actions…to guide you to live a more fulfilling life. No two guides are alike. Each one is totally unique to you.

 ‘Your Gorgeous Guide to Being Magnificent’ worth $175…will be given to one lucky person FREE!

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Affirming my worth has been one of the biggest things that’s helped me in my life and my struggles with my own self-worth. So…I can’t wait to help you along in this challenge, be totally there for you and witness the changes in your life, because once you understand that when you feel worthy and deserving…your life will transform!