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Sacred Self-Love Workshop

For Women Who Are Ready To Transform How They See Themselves


Sacred Self-Love Workshop

For Women Who Are Ready To Transform How They See Themselves

Hey Magnificent Beautiful Gorgeous Soul!


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And my passion is empowering women to a live a life they never thought could be theirs...by helping them create a  mindset for success!!! 


I help gorgeous, creative and passionate women...just like you…to break free of any self-imposed limitations…and  focus on a mindset for success. My mission is to help you to believe you are magnificent…and get you inspired about your life. Helping you to find and listen to your inner voice and let go of your 'old crappy,  limiting beliefs'…thus empowering you to manifest the life you really want.



  • Are you ready to break free of self-imposed limitations…and start living with a mindset for success?

  • Do you want to reclaim your health, attract wealth and live a life of abundance?

  • Do you wish you could just get past…whatever it is holding you back?

  • Do you want to feel magnificent and be totally inspired about your life?


Then allow me to tell you about my...


Sacred Self-Love Workshop

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Embracing Your Soulful Beauty Within

Embracing Your Soulful Beauty Within

This workshop is for women who are ready to transform how they see themselves. 

A place to shift self-sabotaging patterns and choices…and transform them into self-loving, self-empowering actions.

From personal experience…I know without the foundation of self-love…it doesn’t matter what you are trying to achieve in life…it will always be much harder to create, attain or manifest…because deep down you don’t feel like you deserve it…or a worthy of it.

If you’re having thoughts such as…

  • I need to…lose weight
  • I need to…make more money
  • I need to…find my soul mate
  • I need to…be a better mother
  • I need to…have my life perfect
  • I wish... I was more beautiful
  • I never...have enough time
  • Nothing...works for me
  • I’m tired...of beating myself up
  • I can never...quite get there!

You may also worry about your future…feel , stressed and overwhelmed. After all, we are living in a very fast paced world.

Or you may feel like…I have my life pretty much in order…but there just feels like there is something missing?

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Then Sacred-Self Love

 is for you

Then Sacred-Self Love

 is for you

Sacred Self-Love is about learning to accept and love ourselves as we are

When we can get to a point that we have a deep appreciation for who we are…and accept all parts of ourselves…each day becomes amazing…and life gets better, exciting, do-able.


Because...you let go of your inner mean girl...(that self-critical voice inside your head that likes to doubt everything)...allowing compassion, kindness, creativity and greatness to shine through instead. 

When we can quieten that voice... that's when the magic begins.

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You lose the weight…the money comes…your open to receive your soul mate…you feel confident as a mother… you lose the need for everything to be perfect…your relationships improve…and your negative (self-critical) ways begin to dissolve. You’re not worrying about your future…your trusting in it instead....and you look forward to it.

You actually feel strong and beautiful!  (And you are!!! After all…there is no-one else out there…like you!)

As women we long for deep connections and for a place to express ourselves, our thoughts and our feelings…in a nurturing space of non-judgement and safety, where we can be supported, honoured and cared for. 

A place where there is no competition…jealousy…or comparisons. 

I am totally devoted to holding space for a tribe of women…who are ready to reclaim their spiritual powers and tap into their innate wisdom. To help women…to start really liking themselves…and doing it all in a loving and transformative atmosphere. 



in The Sacred Self-Love workshop

in The Sacred Self-Love workshop

You Will...

• Learn How to Love, Nurture and Create Inner Peace for Yourself

• Get Clear On What You Want

• Receive ‘A Manifestation Manifesto’ Guide

• How To Honour Your Energy Centres

• Understand The Secret of Forgiveness

• A Simple Exercise…To Trust Your Own Guidance System

• One Thing You Can Do Daily…To Love Yourself



As well as, guided meditations…uplifting sacred music…essential oils, candles, crystals…surrounding you in a loving nurturing environment.

In the workshop you will  learn to trust your own guidance, receive a manifesto guide,  let go of guilt!

In the workshop you will  learn to trust your own guidance, receive a manifesto guide,  let go of guilt!


Come join me...so you can reconnect with yourself, reclaim your power over your own life...and tap into your highest potential.



Here are what some of the gorgeous magnificent soul sisters, that have attended the Sacred-Self Love workshop have had to say...



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Be Magnificent…Get Inspired!

Helen x