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Body Love...no matter what size you are

Wow…what a month, first off I went and saw the movie ‘EMBRACE’ an enlightening doco about body image by Taryn Brumfitt.

Taryn after having three children…became unhappy with her weight and was resenting her body. After talking with her personal trainer, she decided to train for a body building competition. 15 weeks later…and after losing 15kg…and gaining a ton of muscle…she was competition ready.

But…even though she had the perfect body, she still wasn’t happy. She also noticed that some of the other body building women, also still had things about their bodies that they weren’t happy with. She thought what’s going on here. From there she decided to post a before and after pic of herself on fb.

But as you can see....not your normal before and after…her before pic shows her fit physique on stage at a comp…and her after photo is of her body after it went back to her normal bigger shape. The post got over 3 million likes!

Hence…Taryn began her mission to get women to LOVE their bodies…and created her doco ‘EMBRACE – My Story From Body Loather To Body Lover'.

Some really beautiful and inspiring stories told…a must see. 

Here is Taryn's about page: https://bodyimagemovement.com/about-taryn-brumfitt/


Queens of Constance


Then…we have Constance Hall…the popular mommy blogger and social activist. She’s funny, frank and hilariously honest about her life. Another one who shared on fb a post on parent sex ( that 3.5 minutes you get in between changing nappies and making food)…that went viral! She now has her own book, ‘LIKE A QUEEN’.

Received her book last week…and then realised she was going to be in Geelong (a bit over an hour away from me) on the weekend doing a book signing. So I rushed down with my book…to meet the queen and get my book personally signed. What a gorgeous, gracious being she is. The sort of girl you want to be friends with…because you know you could say anything...and you would never stop laughing!!! Go Constance!

Sidenote: Realised she was on Big Brother in 2005 (after a bit of stalking). I’m like hey I watched 2005 Big Brother…so I found the episodes on youtube and ended up watching her in the first couple episodes till (2am in the morning!) haha….she was young and funny then too. Pity she got booted out early for lying to producers about being in a relationship (you had to be single). So she ended up getting voted out. 

Her book 'Like A Queen'

Her book 'Like A Queen'

Here is her site:   http://queensofconstance.com/ 

Women are empowering themselves these days...and they are doing it by being truthful and honest about their lives. Both these 'amazing girls' will help boost your mindset...and make you feel magnificent!

If you haven't checked out either of these two women...go do it!!!

Be warned though...Constance doesn't hold back on what she says, thinks or does. So I did warn you!

And Remember...EMBRACE who you are! What you look like! How you think! The way YOU do things! How you speak! How you act! The food you eat! The body you are in! How you dress! How YOU live your life!!! BECAUSE...there is ONLY one YOU!!!! Never to be repeated again! So enjoy YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!