We are faced with decisions every day.

Do I do this...or do I not? 

Do I go this way...or that?

Always trying to figure out what’s right for us. And…every now again we fall of the bandwagon. We promise ourselves stuff…and we don’t follow through. And...we feel like we have let ourselves down.

But have we really?


Sometimes, we just really need to listen to what’s right for us…in the moment


Just because you didn’t follow through on something, doesn’t mean you failed. It just means you need to remind yourself, WHY you wanted…what you wanted.

Here’s an example of what I went through recently.

It’s now spring…but during winter…I did not feel like going to the gym. I’d just had my measure and weigh in…and even though I’m in the healthy range…my fat % had gone up. So I was advised to come in more often.

“Yep, no worries, I can do that.” Easy Peasy!

But…then for some reason….I found it really hard to go at all!


What the hell? What’s happened to me


Well, what was going on in my head…was the more I told myself I must go more often…the more I resisted.

The more I resisted…the guiltier I felt.

The guiltier I felt…the more stressed I was becoming.


Each day…I was trying to talk myself into going…trying to figure out the best time…trying to figure out how I can fit in other errands and my to do’s…to make better use of my time.

In the end…through my procrastination and deliberating about my choice…I would decide, “All too hard, too late to go now, I’ll go tomorrow.”

This was my repeat process for a while…with the added feelings of being a loser…for not keeping my promise to myself.   (Does any of this sound familiar?)


I always like to question my thoughts and my actions…because then I can get clear, about what’s really going on


And I just thought, “You know what, I’m just not feeling the vibe for the gym right now, so why am I trying to FORCE myself. Honestly...this is stressing me out!”

So, I decided to just give the gym a miss over the winter months (I do like to hibernate in winter after all) and once spring hits…I’ll be inspired to go again.

Which is exactly what I did. It’s now spring…and I am once again motivated.


Is any of this resonating…not just with this example of the gym or exercise…but with all areas of life?


While having lunch with a friend recently…I explained to her why I decided to stop going over winter and why. How the stress of trying to force myself…was really doing my head in. How I was literally stressing myself out, because I was worrying about it so much. I told her how I decided that I was going to let myself off the hook for a while…and enjoy the winter months.

And the gorgeous being she is said, “I love the way you didn’t completely give up…you just decided to take a break.”  In a tone…like I am the smartest person on the planet.   (Love ya Nalina!)


And here’s the truth….


Sometimes you just need to listen to your own guidance…and totally HONOUR your answers…HONOUR what it is telling you…and most importantly HONOUR your feelings.


YOU KNOW…what is right for YOU

HONOUR…that knowing!

Without GUILT!

Without feeling like a…failure!

Without…beating yourself up over it!

Ask yourself (repeatedly)…”What’s my best solution?” “What FEELS right?”

And listen…to your ANSWERS!

Because it will be….the RIGHT answer for YOU!!!

You’re not giving up on yourself...you are HONOURING yourself!


By doing this…




YOU’RE MINDSET …will all be in FLOW. 


And Know This...


It's OK...to sometimes change course!