Here are my tips on how to make your life run much smoother and more stress-free.

 We all want that…right? For me life is about getting stuff done…and making sure that I’m enjoying myself along the way. Have you heard the saying, “I’m here for a good time…not a long time.” Well I rather think of it as… “I’m here for a good time…and…a long time”. I want both. So please…enjoy the ‘16 Tips’ I put together for you. And don’t take life too seriously. Be inspired…to do what you love instead.



1. Have an Intermission.

(A period during which action temporarily ceases) It’s easy to forget about ourselves and our bodies. But the way to get things done and be more productive…is to give yourself a well-earned rest. When rested…and after having a decent sleep…you will be way more inspired and much happier.



2. Have an Ideas Book.

If you’re overwhelmed by all your ideas and creative insights…to the point you don’t actually get any of it done…get yourself a beautiful book, to jot down your ideas. This helps you sort out which ones you want to follow through with. Now you can create a timeline for your favourite ideas…and which one to begin with first.



3. Just Do It.

 If you’re waiting for the perfect time to implement your ideas, goals or desires…I can tell you from experience, you won’t make it happen. Just start with something…anything. Begin by creating a rough draught of your idea. Why? Because your brain will fire up with the most creative design…and plan to make it happen.



4. Follow the Leader.

 I am a massive fan of this step. I guarantee…whatever it is you want to accomplish, someone before you has done it. The best thing to do is to seek them out and stalk them…(in a good way of course). What I mean by this is…they more than likely have a system they follow, that’s got them to where they are. Find out what steps they took…do they have a book out…or any courses on offer. Study them and how they did it.



5. Get Challenged.

Whatever it is you highly desire…there is usually some kind of fear that comes with it. Some kind of challenge. Stepping out of your comfort zone…is scary. This can turn into procrastination.  Best thing…is don’t give into it. Feel the fear and do it anyway. This is when your biggest break-throughs will happen. All successful people have been challenged.


6.  Put You...On Your To Do List.

 Its great challenging ourselves to step into our fears…work on our ideas…implement action steps and basically get sh#t done. But what’s the good of it all…if you feel like crap. Please…make sure you put yourself at the top of your ‘to do list’. Massages, reading novels, a movie night, candles and sweet music. Girlfriend nights… with chocolate and champagne. Life is meant to be fun. So make sure it is! (I don’t do boring…so I always make sure my life never is.)



7. Have a Dream Day.

 I love these. Some days…I just need to not care about what needs to be done…and dream about what I want instead. I love planning for my future. Conjuring up thoughts of happiness and freedom and how to get there. Visualising how I want my life to look. Writing it down and googling gorgeous pictures…so it feels more real. Doing this can be one of the most important tasks you will ever do. How can you create something…if you don’t know what it is you want? Always take the time to dream…it can be one of the most enjoyable things you will do.




8. Don’t Overstretch.

Balance…balance…balance…is what life is about. So don’t do a heap of stuff you don’t want to do. Choose what you like to do…what your good at…what inspires you…and what makes you feel happy…and delegate the rest! We are living in a time where we don’t have to feel guilty for getting someone to do the shitty…crappy…stuff we don’t like…or are not good at. Delegate…delegate…delegate. Create yourself a team…and practice at getting really good at saying…‘No’…’No Thanks’…and ‘Not Now!’



9. Focus On What You Love.

Our focus can be pointed in so many directions these days; it can all become a little overwhelming at times. For me…to remedy this feeling is to get my focus back on what I love. What I value…what’s fun…and what I want to achieve. I like to have 3-4 projects on the go and no more…otherwise my energy is scattered all over the place. If I stick to these few things…I actually achieve them. I get to tick them off…feel good about it…and feel refreshed and ready for the next thing on my love list. Don’t do stuff you don’t love!!!



10. Abridge the Jumble.

 Fancy words for simplify and de-clutter. Get rid of the stuff that doesn’t inspire you…fit you…or is out-dated. Often when I’m beginning a new phase in my life, I like to de-clutter…because it is one of the most transforming energies you can work with. Is it easy? No…not for some of us. What I’ve found…if it’s all too much, is to do it bit by bit. What works for me is…I put an empty box at my backdoor…and I aim to place between 1-3 things in it a day. At the end of the week, it’s ready for a quick trip to the recycle store.



11. Triggers To Get Stuff Done.

 Even when we have set aside time to do stuff we love…it’s easy to get side tracked and do that extra load of washing, mop the floor…or go out with friends. So setting up a trigger can be super helpful. It helps you get in the right mindset. When I need to write…I have a big oversized cup I fill with my herbal tea. It means I have to get up fewer times to re-fill it. I light candles…play my Bali café music…and burn incense. I love it…and it makes me want to sit down and do it. This little ritual helps me be creative and stay focused on the task. Get creative…and think up some of your own triggers.


Here are some of my Bali Café music I like to listen to

Here are some of my Bali Café music I like to listen to


12. Task Breaker.

To get ahead…you have to start. To start…you need to break down your tasks. When I first get an idea…I’m picturing the end result. Then it’s like holy cow…how do I get there. One step at a time of course. As an example…I’ll look at someone’s awesome website…and think I want one like that. But then I have to remind myself…that it looks like that because they added things over time. One task at a time = Big end results!



13. Warm Waters, Palm Trees and Trade Winds.

These all equate to…a vacation. Is there anything more rejuvenating than a holiday? Getting away from phones ringing…feeding pets…and to-do lists. Ahhh Blisss! To keep sane we need to de-stress once in a while. Getting away from it all, helps to clear the mind, re-focus and inspire new ideas. And take your ideas book. For I guarantee, while in holiday mode…you will invite great ideas to visit your mind.




14. Stay Healthy.

When I am about to embark on a creative idea or a new plan…I make sure I am fuelling my body with good food and nutrition. I love my Herbalife Cellular Nutrition products.  I take these…along with eating lovely fresh foods…think lean proteins, fruits and vegetables…this ensures I am feeling great and energised. This way my thoughts stay positive…and I have a…‘I can do it’ attitude. Plus the added energy to get it all done.




15. Look Up At The Stars.

Each night…I take the time to go outside…look up at the stars and take a few deep breaths. I find this grounds me…and keeps me in balance. I’m clearing my mind of all the things that went on in my day…so I sleep better. I look forward to it each night. It’s my equivalent, of taking the time to smell the roses.



Earth Offering

Earth Offering

16. Do An Earth Offering.

Every now and again, do an earth offering. Simply take a stick of incense, a lit candle, a gorgeous crystal and maybe some flowers. Take them outside and sit somewhere quiet…place them on the ground and give a silent thankyou to the Universe for providing you with such a beautiful life. I think we all realise…that gratitude is the key to our happiness… (Plus it brings in way more abundance). By physically doing such a thankful ritual…you will energise every cell in your body. And it takes such little time to do. You will feel much more thankful for everything …and therefore able to give even more gratitude…creating more abundance…less stress…and have the energy to get more done.


I hope you enjoy these tips...and do as many, or as little, of them as you like. You may just find one that makes your soul absolutely go with it...and make magic.