I love the way through one decision…your life can be put on the most amazing pathway.

I get an invite from someone I highly admire…Sue Anderson for her book launch ‘Unbullyable’. I’m excited. I love this women and I wholly want to support her at her launch. It’s also a fundraiser for bullying…and a cocktail party. What!!!...a cocktail party! (What do I wear?) I don’t have any nice dresses…and what about shoes. It’s all too much…should I go?

Well yes…of course I should go…I love her work and this cause...I  want to support it…and I'm not going to let not knowing what to wear stop me. So that’s it decision made…I’m going.

Next step…rummage through my daughters cupboard…beauty…find a black dress I can wear…and it fits me good. Next rummage through her shoes…awesome found a pair…and yes…I can actually walk in them, getting excited now. Decision has been made, all is a go.




Even though I had decided on the outfit (out of my daughters wardrobe)…a few days later whilst out shopping…I thought “Oh, while I’m here I’ll just quickly pop into the dress shop and just see what they have?”… (I’m excited about the cocktail party now). And out the corner of my eye… a dress catches my attention…so I try it on. And holy cow…it looks amazing…it fits perfectly… its comfortable…and it will go with my daughters shoes..haha

Done…bought….thankyou universe.

ME and Sues Book.jpg

The point I’m trying to make here is…once you decide something…the universe pulls out all its powers to help you and everything begins to fall into place.


The book launch is a great success…Sue has some great speakers…a guy named John Caldwell - (Anti-Bullying Advocate Melbourne)---and Chloe Cunningham of Angels Goal - (she was a victim and is now also and advocate for bullying)---and Rae and  Damien Panlock from Brodies Law Foundation --- as I listen to their stories…I feel blessed I’m in there company. They are all doing amazing work with their lives.


Check out Sue's book...click here

(Sue is doing some amazing work with kids and bullying...her book and site is well worth checking out!)



The other thing Sue had organised at her launch was a silent auction to help raise funds towards her charities. (I didn’t even know what a silent auction was.)

So my beautiful girlfriend (Thanks Jenny) who was with me on the night, and I go through all the items up for bids. When, I come across a marketing package.

That’s it..i want this…this is exactly what I need right now.

I’ll just take you back a step here… you see I was wanting to rebrand my business and redo my website…and a few weeks earlier I had this thought… “I need someone local, I can sit down with, who can help design a new web and I can explain what I need done…not some distant guru who I can only contact by email.”

So my thought was…” I know…I’ll put up and add at the local Uni…advertising for what I need…maybe a student…someone who I can sit with and  share my ideas.”

And this is where the magic begins to happen.  When you make a decision and put your order into the ethers...the universe always steps in and gives you bigger and better than you could ever imagine.




I won the bid for her marketing package that she kindly donated to the silent auction. And she is the most gorgeous…beautiful…awesome…creative…web designer… that  a girl could ever ask for!




She is Lucy Coxall of Roar…and she has created me the most gorgeous website…that I love…and she designed  my beautiful business cards…that I love…and I get to sit in her beautiful office…that I love!

I love working with her and being in her energy. She is my beautiful web fairy…that sprinkles magic all over my ideas.


I get to share my ideas…and she gets just as excited about my stuff…as I do.


This is Lucy's gorgeous office that I get to sit in

This is Lucy's gorgeous office that I get to sit in

Check out Lucy...by clicking here


 It can be hard doing things on your own…so finding someone who is as passionate about your stuff as you are…is an absolute godsend.



Here are my gorgeous cards that Lucy designed for me

Here are my gorgeous cards that Lucy designed for me

Put out for what you want…because most times, it comes in the most fantastical…magical…awesomeness ways.

For me…this all come about…because I decided to support Sue and Unbullyable.

You just never know what little decisions you  make in life…that can totally change the course for you.

Say 'yes'  to things…even when they make you feel uncomfortable...or you think you have nothing to wear.