The word miracle can be said to be…‘A beneficial event that is statistically unlikely...a simply wonderful occurrence...feelings of amazement and excitement...or a wonder, performed by a supernatural power’.

Miracles can be classed as…perfect solutions presenting themselves at just the right time.

I love the last one…a perfect solution presenting itself at just the right time. I’m sure we have all felt this at one time or another in our life.


The new science of quantum physics is proving…that we are all wired for miracles. It is by taking conscious control of what you do want…that you can create your own miracles.


To be a miracle maker you need to get a clear vision of what it is you want, this gives the universe something to aim for…a target to hit.

It’s best not to wait until the storm hits, for your miracle…but to practice living as though everything is a miracle…now. For once the storm hits…your emotions will cancel it out. Best to practice this stuff beforehand.

If you plant a flower seed…you expect a flower, if you plant a tomato seed…you expect tomatoes. You don’t question it, it’s simply law. We all agree that is natural…but when it comes to creating miracles…we don’t always believe we can.


Creating a clear vision of what you want will help change that though, and meditating on the word miracle will make it become a living and active part of you. Just keep thinking about the word miracle…and reminding yourself of what miracles you would like.


You want to begin planting your miracle seed, and water and feed it…until you start seeing it. have whatever that thing is...that is your inspired vision.

I just find things work out better for me…when I’m in a miracle ‘frame of mind’. I don’t slog it out or work myself to the bone…to make things happen or achieve stuff in my life. I’m just not wired up that way. Everything I do is achieved in a much easier way. I practice believing that what I want will happen…and it makes my life run a hell of a lot smoother. I train myself to expect things…and I plan for them. I make sure what I do is fun…and if it’s not…I don’t do it. I surround myself with positive people…and I keep attracting more and more of them. People that like who I am, who are willing to help me, who get excited about stuff with me...and like to have a laugh.


Yea sure!…stuff I don’t like, or freak out about, still happens!


But I can guide myself through it without too much damage, or without losing my trust and faith for too long. I can get back to being positive pretty quickly.

And this is when you get to notice your miracles. You think, “Holy hell, I thought that was going to be a disaster…but it worked out ok.”


Miracles generally come through unexpected channels!!!


This is definitely one to remember. Your miracle will come from absolute left field. It definitely won’t come from where you’re expecting it too. It never does. The universe always has a much better plan for us.

I love the book, “Expect A Miracle” by Dr John Hinwood. Within the book John shares how easy it is to expect a miracle, sharing his own personal stories and those of friends. He says raising your own level of expectation, is where you begin. 



John says, "You don’t have to have talent or ability; it’s not about your financial condition, your education, your marital status or the colour of your skin it all begins with your level of expectation!"

Is that not a sense of relief?


All you need…to create miracles…is to raise your level of expectation!


After John attended a ‘Money and You’ seminar in Melbourne, Australia in 1987, he came across a card that said…


He was given the go ahead to reproduce it…and his book is filled with stories from people's experiences...after they have been handed that special little card.

You can download a copy of the book from his site for free.      Awesome!

To go to his site…Just Click Here


Some other things to remember when you need a miracle


  1. Lack of faith in creating yourself a miracle…blocks you from receiving one
  2. Listen to your loving voice…and not your fearful voice
  3. You only need willingness and a desire…to receive some gorgeous guidance for change
  4. Expect it in different forms - synchronicities, intuition, co-incidences or some beautiful inspiration
  5. Keep reminding yourself…there is a power greater than yourself supporting your every move


So…I hope this helps you to create a ‘simply wonderful occurrence'  that fills you with amazement...and excitement...and wonder, that is performed by supernatural powers…which is basically you putting out what you want into the quantum field.