I wanted to share with you these very gentle remedies…that you can use to reduce emotional stress and create positive inner transformation. They are…Dr Edward Bachs Flower Remedies.

Flower essences are similar to homeopathic remedies. (Homeopathy is a system that stimulates the body to heal itself). They are a set of thirty-eight healing remedies and each essence is made from wild flowers…and contains the vibrational pattern of the original plant. They are safe for the whole family, including pregnant mums and even pets. They come in liquid form and are taken orally…a few drops at a time.

I learnt about these when I was studying wholistic healing…and found they are very useful for treating negative mental and emotional states…and also for restoring balance. They can be used at times of stress and anxiety…to prevent physical illness.

Dr Edward Bach

Dr Edward Bach

Introduced in the 1930s…by the English Physician and Homeopath Dr Edward Bach…the remedies can be easily defined as natural remedies for the emotions. They are naturally derived from specially selected flowers, which are picked while in full bloom…giving them the greatest healing power. Dr Bach figured out…that the attitude of our mind, plays a vital role in maintaining health and recovering from illness. He identified 38 basic negative states of mind and created a plant…or flower based remedy for each one.

He found that by attuning himself to the subtle vibrations of particular plants, he was able to pick up on their unique characteristics, which could then be used for healing. The vibrational character, or spirit of the plant, was strongest in its flowers…and that this character could be absorbed as an energy pattern by water, particularly when combined with sunlight.

The vibrations…will then be absorbed when small amounts of the water are ingested. The drops can be taken directly on the tongue or with a drink of water. The Bach Flower Remedies allow peace and happiness to return to the sufferer, so that the body is free to heal itself.


So how do these remedies actually work?


If you can imagine…all things are made up of vibrating energies.   Everything in the universe has certain energy about it. Think of how different flowers are from each other. Each has its own vibrational pattern…that gives them their particular characteristics – colour, shape, smell, texture, and the like.

All emotions seem to have a particular energy as well – love, despair, anger, fear, appreciation – one can consider each of these a different energetic pattern. Dr Bach considered negative energetic states, to be the source of disease in the body, a theory supported by much of the world’s healers.

We, as human beings are more than our physical body. We are a Human Energy Field. A complex, energetic, multidimensional field that surrounds, penetrates, and is the human body. If you have a block, or some sort of disharmony within your energy field…it’s like having an orchestra with one of its instruments playing out of tune.  The remedies applied are…re-tuning, the body's energy so that the body (the orchestra) plays a more harmonious tune again.  

Flower essences are energetic imprints of the life force of plants. By taking the remedies…their frequencies influence our energy systems. Their subtle vibrations can dissolve, flush, or help release blockages, restoring balance and the healthy flow of energy.

Most of the more delicate flowers for the remedies are prepared using the sun method. This involves floating the flower heads in pure water for three hours, in direct sunlight

Most of the more delicate flowers for the remedies are prepared using the sun method. This involves floating the flower heads in pure water for three hours, in direct sunlight

The remedies…are invaluable for restoring emotional balance before symptoms of physical ailments appear. They allow us to take a step back from our emotions…and deal with them in a more positive way. They are great in assisting our most negative states: such as fear, uncertainty, loneliness, oversensitivity to outside influences and despondency…and turning them into a positive state, such as: courage, clarity, independence and peace of mind.

Dr Bach figured out that the attitude of the mind plays a vital role in maintaining health and recovering from illness. He identified 38 basic negative states of mind…and created a plant or flower based remedy for each one.

So…let’s say you are suffering from a lack of confidence and fear of failure. Then you would take the relevant remedy to increase confidence and remove feelings of despondency. Each remedy aids a specific emotion.



Here is a quick reference of the 38 remedies.


If you relate to any of these negative states…then that remedy is the right one for you.


Rescue Remedy

Dr Bach created an emergency combination containing five flower remedies - Impatiens, Star of Bethlehem, Cherry Plum, Rock Rose and Clematis.

Rescue Remedy combines these five Bach Original Flower Remedies and can be used to help you cope with immediate everyday situations…such as going to the dentist, interviews, making a complaint or wedding day nerves. It can also help in times of crisis or trauma such as bereavement, a relationship breakdown or redundancy.



Rescue Sleep


Rescue Sleep…is a combination of the 5 essences contained in Rescue Remedy, with the added essence of White Chestnut. This remedy calms your restless mind providing natural relief of occasional sleeplessness. White Chestnut is added to help switch off the mind from unwanted, repetitive thoughts.

How to take the remedies

The remedies are taken orally, either directly on the tongue via a glass dropper, or in a small amount of water which is sipped slowly. You can take them individually or mix them together (up to 7), to match the way you feel. Taking larger doses at one time doesn't have a stronger effect; but if you are going through a crisis, it would be better to take more frequent doses…to get you through.

I love these remedies…they are gentle, natural, easy to take, and absolutely safe. What we need to remember is…that there is a link between our emotions and our physical health. So the more we can do to support our emotional states…the more we keep our health and our lives in balance. A healthy mind…ensures a healthy body…which ensures a beautiful, gorgeous, wonderful life.

I would love to hear other peoples experiences with these remedies, or if you have any questions...feel free to leave a comment below.