When you want something in your life, this is what you need….a gorgeous hot burning desire!


Most people would love to… have or be or achieve something amazing in their life. So why don’t most people do it? Simple…they don’t believe that they can so they don’t even try…they don’t go for it.

We all have the ability to make goals and achieve them. You just need a really strong belief that you can. Does this come naturally? Not for all of us…most certainly not for me. I’ve worked at it. But now I know better, I now know…when I get a real burning desire for something…I can actually create it.




The most important thing I have discovered is…when I get that feeling of ‘I really want this’ I know it is going to be the next big step in my own personal growth.

 I know it’s going to be good…and fun…and lovely…but I also know it’s going to make me super nervous. But that’s ok…because I now understand it. I know that’s the pattern I must follow.







You need to become like an artist…you need to see your vision in your head first…and feel it in your heart. Feelings are a stronger magnet for manifesting…so practice how you would feel, if this amazing thing was already in your life. Ask yourself the question “What it is that I truly desire in my life. You can’t create it…if you don’t know what it is you want. Be that artist… and begin to create your masterpiece. By seeing clearly what you desire…your brain activates a process of creation towards your vision. (How Awesome Is That!!!)

Think about this

·         What would make me the most happiest…where I am at in my life right now?                   

·         How do I want to feel?

·         What things would I love to be doing…that would make my heart sing?

·         What inspires me?

·         Who am I inspired by…that maybe I could use as a guide post for my own life?

·         What would I love to get up to do each and every day?

·         What am I most passionate about?


Write it out…you can write out a 10 page essay…or in dot form. But by all means…start to get something written down…you will be amazed at how your ideas will grow. How your piece of art will form.

(There are sooo many inspirational women out there doing amazing stuff these days! If your stuck for ideas…seek these women out, and follow what they do.)




When you establish a specific desirable goal, the effort and work you put towards it…will become fun! There is an energy that is activated within you, as your picturing a compelling vision for your life.




A positive attitude goes without saying. And don’t worry if you don’t have a 100% positive attitude at the moment…this is something you can begin to practice. Like anything…you can build this up the same way as you build up any muscle in the body.  Success is achieved and maintained when you try and keep trying with a positive mental attitude.

Here’s some tips:


1.       Read lots of inspiring stuff

2.       Watch upbeat movies

3.       Hang out with people that make you feel good 

4.       Join a local personal development type course  {I've done heaps}

5.       Find some awesome upbeat speakers to go listen to

6.       Create art…or indulge in whatever creative activity you like

7.       Get quiet…meditate, silent walks, or sitting in a quiet place. (This is when you get to hear your gorgeous soul)


Doing the above is where your greatest power lies. Find what makes your own soul sing.


Your are worth it and you deserve to have an absolute awesome life.






Become a master of your attitude…for your attitude shapes your future. (This is a Universal Law)

And the law states…we translate into physical reality the thoughts and attitudes…which we hold in our minds, no matter what they are.

Whatever you’re thinking about the most…translates into your reality. This is why it is important to know what you want. When you know what you want….you’re able to recognize it when it appears in your life. You’re like…”OMG! This is what I have been asking for!” (Excitement!!!)

When you are in this excited state, you are vibrating good feelings…and when you’re vibrating good feelings… you begin to think about what else you would like in your reality. You believe you can do it. You are in such a happy state…and now you begin shooting off more of your desires. And I have to tell you…they’re going to show up a lot quicker, when you’re desiring what you want while in this state.



Go for it...give yourself permission to do it!

And then what you do…is you practice…practice…practice…at getting yourself in this state as often as you can!!!!

Don’t be frightened of your beautiful dreams…you were born to achieve them. I encourage you to take the Leap! 

You can do it!

 Believe in yourself!


Things really can change in your life quite quickly…you just need to find out what it is that would truly light up your heart…and get a Burning Desire For It!!!


I want to inspire you to live a magnificent, glorious, wonderful, exciting, fun-filled life.