Do you ever wonder…What’s my purpose? What’s my calling?


Every now and again I’m asked this question. And the way I respond to it is, “Your purpose it to be happy.”


Some people are blessed with knowing their purpose from a young age…but for most of us it can take a lot longer. For those of us taking longer to figure it out…I think it is purely because we are growing into the person we need to be…to fulfil our purpose.


And I truly believe your first responsibility towards your purpose…is to be happy.


When you’re happy, everything flows, everything is right. You’re enjoying life and you’re not worrying about your future. In this state you’re a clear channel for ideas, intuition, and direction…your intentions are pure.


By being in a light energy…a more loving energy…things will flow to you much easier? We just sometimes forget…because we get so caught up in doing…doing…doing, that we actually forget to just be. To just let things flow to us.


If you’re trying to figure out your purpose and your feeling angry…or upset…or fed up with not knowing what your purpose is. Or your attitude is like, “Well you know what…I still don’t know what my purpose is…and I’ll probably never will!” Then you will definitely be blocking any chance of it being able to reveal itself to you.

This is when you need to really lighten up on yourself. Why not allow the universe to do its thing and show you the way.  How? By doing whatever you have to…to get yourself in a happy state.


Do What Makes You Feel Good


Watch a sunset. Spend time with your feet in the ocean. Feed your body with gorgeous nutritious food. Drink lots of water. Swim. Bush walk. Travel. Begin a journal. (Write down what inspires you.) Spend time on being creative…whatever that means for you. (Paint, draw, collect shells, write, take photos.) Anything to do with nature will make you feel happy and more in tune…and much more grounded.

 (When grounded your living in the now…not fearing the future.)

Whatever it is, that would make you feel better about yourself, and puts you in that happy place…go do it!!!



When you’re happy, and you’re feeling good…everything you look at seems to sparkle. You love your family, your kids, your partner, you take care of your body, your health improves, you’re grateful for your home, you love the town you’re living in, money seems to flow in and you want to share your happiness with everyone.


Be happy…you have permission.


What is it that would make you happy? It’s generally not something you need…not physical stuff…but a feeling. Ask yourself, “How do I want to feel?

Our purpose is to feel good.  To find joy in each day. To be the best version of ourselves.


I remember watching Oprah one day…and a young girl was on her show in absolute awe of her…and she stated how she wanted to be just like Oprah. And Oprah’s response was, “But I’m already taken…you have to be the best version of YOU!”

I had such an ‘Aha’ moment when I heard that. I thought, “Yes, Helen. Be the best version of you; don’t try to be like anyone else.”

Being the best version of you…adds way more value to our planet…than anything you do, be or have.

The funny thing is…when you’re feeling good about who you are and you are in a state where you are feeling good about life…that’s when you start to see things differently.

All of a sudden you begin to realise, “You know what, I’m good at this.” or “I’d love to do that with my life.” Or “Wow, this idea that I have just had, could bring great value to people and their lives.”

The unfolding of the ‘real’ you…the ‘purposeful’ you, begins to unfold.


It’s not always about ‘searching’ for your purpose…but about getting happy…and allowing your purpose to unfold.


Sometimes the things you have struggled with most of your life…can turn out to be your purpose.

For me my biggest struggle was having no self-confidence and low self-esteem. So my journey has been about building myself up…with lots of personal development and self-esteem courses. Attending positive thinking workshops, visiting amazing healers, meditation classes and learning about spiritual and wholistic healing.


But…it’s all turned into my purpose, into my calling.  I now love inspiring people to feel good about themselves.


Sometimes I would think to myself, “Bloody Hell, when am I going to get to the stage that I don’t need to see another healer…or do another course.” But now I can see…how all of these things have made me who I am today. And I have learnt so much from them all...the knowledge I gained…has become my purpose.


What has been your biggest learning curve in life? What do you surround yourself with? What books and items? What’s inspirational to you?


Here are some quick tips:


  • Make a list of the things you do for fun, or that you really enjoy
  • Write down the names of people that you admire, and why you admire them.
  • Make a list of the things you do naturally without even thinking about it.
  • Look at your Passions. What do you surround yourself with, what books, items and things do you love.
  • Notice how you feel. By definition, if you're living your life purpose, you'll feel exhilarated, excited, happy, and alive. Time seems to fly by.





Don’t get caught up in your head with all this…just stay centred and ask for your purpose to be revealed to you. And then watch for signs. No need to rush and get all hectic about it. Allow yourself to grow into your purpose…by being as happy as you can.